Photos' hunt (2002 12 07 )


Welcome to my photos' hunt at Disneyland Resort Paris. You can find this newsletter at this address:

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Walt Disney Studios

Security is enforced in the resort

Paris is not Burbank, and France not California !

It's winter time, and trees have to wear their winter coats.


Stars of the moment

La la la... ANIMAGIQUE 2

Today was the first show of the new version of Animagique.

What to write ? You have to see the show and tell which one you prefer.
I've my opinion and it was the first version.

Without giving you all the secrets of the new show... I can say...
New music, more songs, characters are talking (a lot !)
New desks, but no notebook for Donald, new story...
And use of projections in the theater in place of  "live" performers.

Some scenes have been shrunk and mix together...
Little Mermaid (without her) replaces Pinocchio.

Less performers :-(

Cinema columns has been customized

Disneyland Park

Tigger is back at Story book

Thanks, Xmas musics are back to arcades :-)

Is DLP reading this newsletter ? ;-)
Now a little last effort... xmas loop in City Hall restrooms !

Nice hidden Mickey isn't ?

What's happening to Arcades des Visionnaires ?
Probably the new Annual Passport office.

Disney Village

King Ludwig's Castle

work in progress

Cu next week ;-)

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