Photos' hunt ( 2003 03 08 )


Welcome to my photos' hunt at Disneyland Resort Paris. You can find this newsletter at this address:

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Newsletter is back :-) for the premiere
of Mickey's Show Time presented at
Videopolis stage in Discoveryland.

I think the name of the show would have
been better as " Disney Recital " or
" Popstars at Disneyland "

The show is performed by  Disney's characters
and a band of six good "live" singers. They interpret several
Disney Classics songs which are relative to themes
like Friendship, Adventure, Heroism, Action.

You can listen, played on a modern style,
Hakuna Matata, Jungle Book, Hercules,
and Under The Sea (by Goofy, I have an other version
available on request ;-) etc...

How the deepest the shares of DLP are, the deeper
the shows are going !
How cheaper you can make a show in 3 lessons:
1) no story
2) only one costume per performer
3) no scenery, 5 props, and projections for the background

While we are in Discoveryland,
who has stolen Orbitron ?
Well, that's the luck to take pictures
of Space Mountain !

You can find some parts of Orbitron
on North CM parking lot,
with Belle's Village which has gone too
but we kept the fountain.
Story Book is under refurbishment
and Casey Jr is closed too

Spring comes... wet paint also...
Main Street Market and Main Street Station
East and West buildings are under

Magic in 4 steps...

1st you detect
2nd you mask
3rd it's new

4th... more work is waiting elsewhere !

King Ludwig's Castle...

Princesses are the stars in shop windows at Studios Store,
and have their own space in this shop
and also at Bixbie Brothers in Main Street USA

Savings... 2€ only on selected pins
I told you,
spring is coming.
Rainbow is over
Disney Store ;-)

CU next week... and if you like pictures of world of Disney...
Have a look on J°o°eL at WDW web site ;-)
Everyday something new !

And don't forget... I'm waiting for answers to the Quizz

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