Photos' hunt ( 2003 03 29 )


Welcome to my photos' hunt at Disneyland Resort Paris. You can find this newsletter at this address:

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Thanks to for joining us at Disneyland Park last week to celebrate Main Street Electrical Electrical Parade.

You were many to tell me that you like to discover each week the little and important changes of the resort.
I wish to share with you one more time this week my photos' hunt.

First let's have a glimpse
to Walt Disney Studios

You think it's a "cinema screen" ?

I'm not sure ! Take care, wet paint !

Could be a second
nice painted
poster for Coca-Cola!

Spring time...
even for Mickey's caravan
snow has melt...

King Ludwig's Castle
should open at spring...
so I won't miss
to show you stages of
the construction.

It's a world of fun...
It's a world of fence...
at Disneyland Park

After Orbitron,
and Autopia,
now Nautilus

No new attraction this year,
but a new bridge...

(2 weeks ago)

What's happening to  shops ?

Team Mickey theme has already changed some
weeks ago, but now the shop is completely
closed to remove last theming of "sport".

Here are perhaps the last pictures of the
old shop's sign...

What can you read ?

Yes, "Mens accessories".

What do you expect in such a shop ?

Plushes !
 They are mens accessories
according to Disney...
hmmmm I wonder..
A new name for the shop
is perhaps required.

And next door... Hat shop ?
No !

Babies clothes

And now Disney Clothiers
sells bath accessories...

A new program for Disneyland Park
valid from march 24th to july 4th...

Winnie the Pooh
comes back on may 1st.

Tarzan, on avril 19th.

The wonderful world of Disney
parade, ends on may 11th

From may 12th to june 27th
at 4pm
from june 28th to july 4th
at 6.30pm
Princess Parade

Closed attractions:
- Big Thunder Mountain : may 12 to 23
- Alice's Curious Labyrinth :  june 2 to 20
- Le pays des contes de fées : march 24 to 28
- Casey Jr : march 24 to 28
- Visionarium : june 23 to july 4
- Orbitron : march 24 to june 15
- Autopia : march 24 to mai 20
- Space Mountain :  may 12 to 13
- Nautilus : march 24 to avril 4
Long list... 

If you like to phone
Disneyland Paris
on saturday...
hurry up...
office is only
opened from
8:15 to 9:45 ;-)

That's enough for today...

CU again soon...

© J°o°eL / 2003