Photos' hunt ( 2003 05 24 )


Welcome to my photos' hunt at Disneyland Resort Paris. You can find this newsletter at this address:

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  This week in the photos' hunt :

Disneyland Park

Keep hands and arms inside the train !
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
is back on the track

Orbitron continues to grow up...
and you can see vehicules...
yes! on the left of the picture.

And Princesses are saluting !

Disney Village

Mc Donald's restaurant has reopen
with a new covered terrace...
well, just the backbone actually !

Willkommen Ludwig

Main events in june at Disney Village:
  • 14th : Salsa night
  • 20th : Voltage Party (central stage)
  • 21th : French music celebration
  • 24th : Canadians are back ;-)
  • fri-sat-sun 4:30pm
    and 6:30pm
    Disney Village Circus
  • fri to tue, 6pm
    Buffalo Bill Parade

Holiday Inn
at Disneyland Resort Paris

Here is a sneak preview before the
official opening of this new hotel of
Val de France area, on may 27th.

The theme of the Hotel is circus.
This is more a Circus touch, with many nice
decorations, photos, posters, and paintings on walls.

In my opinion this is the nicest hotel of Val de France.

The 396 rooms have also their circus-touch.

You will really feel the magic in this hotel and
you will be in the parks in just 10 minutes by bus.

You can discover, "Le Bar des Artistes" and...

... the restaurants "L'Etoile" and "Piccolo".

Thanks to Elisabeth for the visit.

Cu next week...
or in 2004 ;-)

© J°o°eL / 2003