Photos' hunt ( 2003 07 26 )


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  This week in the photos' hunt :

Disneyland Park

End of refurbishment
for west shelter of Central Plaza.

If you have a better architectural name
for it... please write me !

Market Square... one more step...
lamps are back...

But now the roof of this part
of the Bazaar really needs to be replaced.


Restaurants of Disneyland Park
are trying to diversify their offer
Plaza Gardens, includes a drink for its "All you can eat buffet" 25€.
L'Auberge de Cendrillon, has also for lunch an "All you can eat buffet", with a choice of salads, cold cuts and meats, cheese, fresh fruits and desserts, 22€, drink included
From 9:30 to 10:30, before riding Pirates of the Caribbean, why not to drink a coffee at the Blue Lagoon.

For tea time, what about a cheesecake at The Lucky Nugget Saloon's terrace, in front of Last Chance Cafe, or if you prefer, you can appreciate an ice-cream.

Walt's - An American Restaurant
, proposes its new menu.
Starter and Main Course, 25€, with Dessert, 29€.
Separate, starter 9€, main course 19€, dessert 7€.

At the terrace, you can have tea time and choose between several formulas.


Again, a new CD is available, Disney Princess, 43:04, and 19€.

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